Gilette came to Astro Studios to define and develop a premium razor that will be distributed under the Venus brand in a prestige retail environment. The razor will be sold at a $150 price point and will will target Venus' "Fabulous Me" consumer category. Grace Lee and I worked together to complete this quick, one-week project.

Defining Personas


Personas help us to focus and refine our message. Constructing aspirational personas forces us to consider every element of our ideal consumer; from the logistics down to the deepest subconscious. I pride myself on my ability to create soulful, high-impact personas.  I never settle for the typical age/occupation/city trap; this one-dimensional approach does a massive disservice to the consumers we are designing for. 

Though the Fabulous Me persona is a very specific demographic, we know there are several different but equally successful manifestations of the Fabulous Me appeal. We created five distinct personalities to illustrate the many possibilities and push the boundaries of the Venus aesthetic.      

Final Concepts

Below are the final concepts I completed for Venus. Thinking through the stories of our personas helped to push the aesthetic and the gesture of what a premium Venus Razor could be.