Redefining the Surgical Space



Surgical gowns have not changed in the past 100 years. Gowns are seen as a commodity: an irritating fact-of-life that most medical professionals have learned to live with. Current surgical gowns do a massive disservice to the art of medicine; they are uncomfortable, hot, poorly fitting and do not always adequately protect the professionals underneath. 

We started from scratch to revolutionize the surgical gown space, and to transform the gown from commodity to specialized tool.  

Fit, comfort, and performance issues of current surgical gowns   present enormous opportunity for improvement.

Fit, comfort, and performance issues of current surgical gowns present enormous opportunity for improvement.

Design Research

The design team had the opportunity to observe dozens of operations across the country. This allowed us to see first hand the problems of the current gowns, as well as experience them ourselves. 

A comprehensive document was created to capture the findings and insights gained from the intensive research program. The Insights Document was used to provide VOC data necessary for validation within our client's organization. 

Concept Generation



Concepts were explored for each of the opportunity categories defined by the research program: present, protect, fit, communicate, comfort, secure, and interface. Each category was considered and explored in depth through sketches, mockups, and storyboards. Together with our client and prototyper, the team chose and refined 6 concepts that were tailored for specific surgical tasks.    

The Final Gowns


The design efforts resulted in a suite of six gowns designed for specific surgical tasks. The High Fluid gown is designed for high-fluid surgeries such as transplants and burn cases. The High Mobility gown integrates a fan in the back panel for physically demanding Orthopedic surgeries. The Light Lead gown investigates the thought of integrating Lead protection for X-Rays into the gown. The High Dexterity gown is designed for sitting surgeries such as hand cases, and the Fit Gown is designed specifically for female medical professionals.