I am a designer, researcher and problem solver, and am passionate about understanding what people need to be happy. I use ethnographic research, conceptual design and storytelling to materialize possibilities that question the way we do things. I love the challenge of turning poetic ideas into products and systems that are both beneficial to consumers and profitable for companies. 

I began my career as an industrial designer and have since been fortunate to participate in the development of a wide range of technologies, brands, and products. I’ve worked in creative agencies as well as in business consulting, and have had the pleasure of working alongside top design and business talent for some of the world’s most influential companies. I’ve had the opportunity to lead multi-national research efforts in sectors such as healthcare, consumer electronics, fast casual restaurants and oil and gas.

I find great happiness in connection and team building, and have been lucky to enjoy the mentorship of several industry leaders. These incredible individuals have taught me to how build relationships of trust, respect, and collaboration with team members and clients. Through their leadership I have also learned the strategic value of optimism, compassion and positivity.