high-fidelity fragrance



A world leader in air treatment and indoor air quality technologies, Prolitec uses their patented scent-dispersal technology to create attractive interior atmospheres and extend brand identity. Primarily B2B, the company has built a successful business serving large retailers. In spring of 2014 Prolitec enlisted Astro Studios to help bring their scent technology to the consumer market. 

Consumer Definition


Prior to engaging Astro, Prolitec conducted market research to define the most suitable target market. Prolitec discovered The Curator. 

The Curator is a Female Millennial and a heavy home fragrance consumer. She is an early adopter of technology, she shops online and across specialty and department store retailers. She follows trends in Fashion, Cosmetics, Home Decor, and Fragrance, and spends money on a large variety of fragrance products, from personal fragrance to home fragrance.

Finding Inspiration


We began by simply giving ourselves time to mull over the possible approaches. Scent is such a fundamentally important and influential thing: it's a mark of style, an aspect of our identity; It announces our mood, our ambition, our hopes for the night; It's the bottle on the dresser, the iconic, stately notion of Chanel Number 5 sitting on top of a mirrored tray. It is our birthright as women, as ladies, elegant, polished, poised; makers of the home; conquerors of the office.

The thing that struck me as I was pondering scent was what a powerful emotional trigger it is. It runs so much deeper than any other style element. A coat or a lipstick helps solidify style, and the perfect furniture piece makes an apartment feel like home, but the right scent can propel us to the highest high or send us tumbling to the deepest low. Scents delivers us the bittersweet and long-forgotten; in them lie the sensations and sentiments of our earliest histories.   

Thematic : Memory

Our memories define where we come from, who we are, and who we wish to become. Olfaction connects us to memory more than any other sense:

The olfactory cortex is embedded within the brain’s limbic system and amygdala, where emotions are born and emotional memories stored. That’s why smells, feelings and memories become so easily and intimately entangled, and why the  simple act of washing dishes with lavender soap can make you break down and cry.

A connection to memory is one of the most profound emotional benefits we could give to fragrance consumers. We chose Memory as the thematic for the project.  


Though no brand wants to be confined to the past or relegated solely to the future, these three approaches allow us to explore different manifestations of the abstract concept of memory. Vastly different aesthetics and personalities emerged when explored through lenses of nostalgia, indulgence and anticipation. 

The Archivist


The archivist's home is adorned with photographs of family, letters from pen pals, and well-worn postcards from camp. Small details transport her back to a charmed history: bright, cheerful candles on a birthday cake, beads of wax falling to a snow-bed of icing; her mother singing as she curled her hair in the vanity mirror; the hallway banister of her grandparents' home, worn smooth by the touch of generations. She roots her identity firmly in a past she is proud of, and a background she feels lucky to have.

The Archivist's fragrances are sacred, precious and private. The fragrance bottles are physical manifestations of memory, and are designed to feel mysterious and ethereal. The Archivist's High Fidelity Fragrance Device builds from the metaphor of a keepsake box; a safe space for heirlooms that are meant to be treasured and hidden from view. 

The Explorer


The explorer is a whirlwind force of relentless Joie de Vivre. She savors the present moment and lives for pleasure, excitement, and adventure. She loves unexpected experiences and soulful people, the kind filled with good stories and covered in ill-advised tattoos. She's not worried about tomorrow and she doesn't fret about the past; she feels perfectly content in the present and thrives in the extremes. 

The Explorer's High-Fidelity Fragrance Device proudly displays the fragrances for all to see. This allows the fragrances themselves to be as loud or as demure as is appropriate. 

Rethinking the configuration of the components- and placing the scent cartridge on the exterior of the device- significantly reduces the footprint of the product.

The Socialite

The Socialite is the ultimate curator. She is envisioning the perfect reality, with every element in its place and every last detail considered. She is an experience-creator for the people she loves, predicting needs and thinking ahead to each individual ideal. She is meticulous and discerning, but always executes with warmth, soul and style.    

The Socialite's High Fidelity Fragrance device is clean and minimal to fit in to any decor.